Our Team

Tigerama is the nation’s 2nd largest student run pep-rally. This is the list of Tigerama’s 2019 chairs.

Jack Debbout


Sydney Tindall

Assistant Director

Ali Balthaser

Technical Director

Brantley Barinowski

Homecoming Chair / Graphics Assistant Director

Adelaide Kimberly


Abi Thomas

Pre-Event Chair

Ann Collins Josey

Merchandise Assistant Director

Steven Patrick

Tickets and Performer Chair

Will Bradley

Reserved Seating Coordinator

Clary Miles

Service Chair

Ty Williams

Traffic and Security Coordinator

Thomas Marshall

Web Promotion Assistant Director

Emma Gross

Backstage Director

Chad Bureau

Business Manager

Shawn Patel

Pyrotenics Chair

MJ Carpenter

Marketing Director

Wil Niesen

Non Web Promotion Assistant Director

General Member Support

Raghed Al Dahabi

Andrew Bellucco

Diamond Brown

Kiah Morris

Kendal Pettway

AJ Richard

David Saville

Derwin Simpson

Logan Young

Hannah Basha

Erin Belmar

Hallie Bowers

Ellie Doerr

Marlena Heracklis

Nick Iseman

Wilson Josey

Andrew Kwasny

Evan Livingston

Lili Martinez

Haley McKee

Andrew O'Steen

Forrest Redden

Tevej Rhodes

Mollie Smith

Greg Batt

Brennen Beck